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1. A Horrible Earthquake 可怕的地震 ( Unit 4 Earthquakes, Book 1 )

Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyed. Railway tracks became useless bars. Pipes in mines burst and let out smelly steam. Huge cracks trapped cyclists everywhere.

The next day, this event was the headline or main title of all newspapers. With the reporters giving an outline of the disaster, the whole nation was shocked by the damage and the victim’s extreme suffering. People were moved when they read that the survivors comforted each other by saying “Congratulations! You survived!”. So they not only expressed their sympathy sincerely, but also organized together to help the victims right away. The injured were rescued and the dead were buried. The frightened survivors were dug out from under the ruins and were offered shelter, fresh water and electricity. Thanks to people’s help, the loss was minimized.




2. Wildlife Protection 保护野生动植物 ( Unit 4 Wildlife protection, Book 2 )

Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disappears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so that they can only live in secure reserves; grassland is d点击浏览下一页estroyed without mercy so that dust storms come into bei点击浏览下一页ng affecting distant cities.

Last year, scientists saw some monkeys rubbing themselves with a certain kind of insects to protect themselves from fierce mosquitoes biting. According to the result of the inspection, they found that the insect contains a powerful drug, so local farmers were employed to catch the insects. The ending was that the insects disappeared from the whole zone. When told that it was a loss to humans, the farmers burst into laughter and responded, “Our real loss is our decreasing income.”

We should appreciate the natural balance and pay more attention to the importance of wildlife protection. Not until we succeed in letting wildlife live in peace, can we smile in relief.





3. Refresh Our Environment 恢复环境生机 ( Unit 4 Global warming, Book 6 )

As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the data of this graph makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. On one hand, the quantity o点击浏览下一页f fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year while the growth of a wide range of pollution has been a global trend. On the other hand, the mildly but steadily going up of the average temperature is resulting in catastrophes like widespread floods. Without disagreement, they subscribe to the view that it is humans’ existence and their randomly consuming energy that result in this phenomenon.

Many people have a commitment that developing nuclear power or energy from outer space will stop bad consequences coming about. However, scientists and educators are opposed to this view even if our needs may be met on the who点击浏览下一页le. They tend to advocate refreshing our circumstances by saving energy and recycling waste. It is suggested that we use ener点击浏览下一页gy-saving appliances such as electrical motors, microwaves and so on and not be casual about little things like recycling a can. So please glance around and 点击浏览下一页see what you can do. So long as everybody makes contribution, we will not have to put up with this problem anymore.